Different types of Lapel Pins

There are several different types of pins

Custom Lapel Pins

What are the different types of custom lapel pins?

A Pin for Every Occasion. An Occasion for Every Pin.

Lapel pins are made for a wide variety of events and occasions. Lapel Pins to:

  • commemorate an event
  • to honour years of service as an employee or volunteer
  • retail lapel pins
  • as a fundraising opportunity
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.

With so many reasons to create a custom lapel pin, we have many styles to choose from. Each style of lapel pin has different processes, pricing and options.

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Custom Lapel Pin Styles

What different types of custom lapel pins are there?

Har Enamel | Soft Enamel | 3D | Printed | Moveable


What are Moveable Lapel Pins?

Our moveable lapel pins have elements within the pin that can be moved manually. These pins are made using the die struck process.

The moveable lapel pin is typically used for a fun experience with a lapel pin. Making them more unique and often more collectable.

Not everything on a lapel pin can become a moveable element. If you are interested please contact us and we can discuss ideas.


3D or Cubic Lapel Pins

Custom 3D lapel pins have amazing details. Often used to commemorate an event or used an award recognition lapel pin.

These 3D lapel pins are often used without any colours, but colours can be added.

We also offer a wide range of plating colours

Cloisonne or Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Considered the highest quality lapel pins manufactured

This style of pin features a jewelry-like finish that is very durable and retains a high quality shine for many years, even after continual wearing and use.

Our Cloisonne pins continue the fine-art tradition of glass enameling, started in China centuries ago. Cloisonne pins are made from hand-pouring powdered glass into the recesses of a die-struck (stamped) brass base. The brass can be plated in gold, silver, or black nickel. After being baked at a very high temperature, the glass enamel is sanded and polished to be flush with the metal lines that separate the colors. This gives the pins a smooth and lustrous quality.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

For a less expensive version of our Cloisonne pin that has the same look and color options, try the Soft Enamel. A softer enamel is painted into the recesses of the brass die-struck base, leaving a relief effect that lets you feel the die-struck pattern. Gold, silver or dyed black platings available. Add a clear epoxy dome for long-lasting durability and a shiny, finished look.

Soft enamel lapel pins are commonly used for giveaways and trading as they are an economical alternative to cloisonne pins, and offer a very similar quality at an affordable price.

Printed Lapel Pins with Epoxy Coating


Glitter with Transparent Enamels

Custom Lapel Pins

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