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As with collecting anything it typically starts with a special moment in the collector’s life.

  • A gift from a friend or family member
  • Attending an event
  • Playing in a sport or games
  • Commemorating a destination travelled to

Whether by accident, intention or just a new hobby. Pin collectors are one of the most passionate in the collection world.

Lapel pins are small, easy to display and when it comes to trading them, it is very easy to ship them anywhere in the world.

What type of Lapel Pin should I collect?

That’s a tough question. As a lapel pin manufacturer, we have made custom lapel pins for almost every industry imaginable. From the Olympics to the local curling club. From Lions Clubs all over the world to large corporations including McDonald’s and the Home Depot.

Each pin tells a story. From the year made, to where the pin is from. Lapel pins hold a special meaning to the collector.

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Find a Lapel Pin Collector Club

The following lapel pin clubs are links and information about the pin clubs. We are not associated with any of the clubs. Please be certain to do your own research before joining or providing any personal information or payment details.

Olympin Olympic Pin Collecting


The Olympin Collectors Club is a non-profit group reaching more than 5S00 members in over 30 countries.

It is the oldest active pin club in the pin world, recognized for its integrity, reliability and quick service. We invite you to relax, surf around our website and then join us!


Pacific Pin Collectors Club

The Pacific Pin Club

The Pacific Pin Club is Western Canada’s première organization for lapel pin collectors and traders. Since 1986, we have invited and encouraged people to discover the exciting pastime of pin collecting. join us!


Calgary Pin Collectors Club

Calgary International Pin Club

The Calgary International Pin Club (CIPC) is a non-profit organization registered in Alberta which was organized by a number of pin traders who had a heck of a lot of fun during the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988.



Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club

Winnipeg Pin Collector’s Club

The Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club has something to offer people of all ages from youths to adults to seniors. If you like pins and having fun, then for sure you will have a great time at our meetings and events.

It’s a great way to meet new people and have lots of fun at the same time. Please feel free to join us.


Lions Club International Official Licensee

Lions International Trading Pin Club

Lions Club pins from around the world.


Pacific Pin Collectors Club

Pin Collectors Club

The Pin Collectors Club was founded in 1984 in Quebec, the club has more than 200 active members, making it the largest club of pin collectors in Canada and, according to our research, the second in North America.


Calgary Pin Collectors Club

Disney Pins

Disney Pins Blog was established on May 1, 2013 and is here to provide the latest news and events regarding the global Disney Pin community.

The Disney Pin Trading and collecting hobby is continuously growing and new pins are released weekly from around the world. Stay up-to-date on everything Disney Pins related by visiting often!



Winnipeg Pin Collectors Club

Sydney Pin Collector’s Club Australia

To promote the hobby of Olympic Pin Collecting & Trading here in Australia, particularly with the new and younger Collectors, and to support the traditional values of the Collectors of Olympic Pins & Memorabilia, and foster the interests and activities of the Membership. Please feel free to join us.


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