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Making high quality custom lapel pins since the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary



Our Story

The Pin People trace their beginnings back to founder Laurie Artiss, a sports editor, entrepreneur, and curling enthusiast.

Frustrated by the shortage of decent lapel pins available for curling clubs and bonspiels, Laurie decided to take matters into his own hands and before long had sourced out a facility that could produce high quality inexpensive pins, and The Pin People was born.

Since 1976 The Pin People have specialized in pin making. The vision of Laurie Artiss soared to Olympic heights in 1988 when he was able to convince the Canadian Olympic Association to let his team of dedicated artists design and produce the pins for the 1988 Winter Olympic Games.

Since then, The Pin People have provided official pins for the Olympic Games (including the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver)  PanAmerican Games, and Canada Games, Invictus Games and also custom lapel pins for sports teams, curling clubs and events, businesses, Lions Clubs, cities and towns, and even weddings! Along the way they’ve made countless friends and created pins worn on lapels around the world.

Meet the Team

Administration, Designers and Marketing


Graphic Desginer

  • Main Duties: graphic/pin designer
  • Favourite Event: Olympic Games
  • Activities: Loves playing board games and cards
  • Fun Fact: mother of twins
  • Favourite Food or Drink: shellfish & caramel apple martini


Graphic Designer

  • Main Duties: Graphic/Pin Designer
  • Favourite Event: Arctic Winter Games
  • Activities: Reading and gourmet food
  • Fun Fact: Harry Potter buff
  • Favourite Food or Drink: chocolate ice cream & tea



  • Main Duties: accounting & quoting
  • Favourite Event: when people pay on time
  • Activities: cooking and travelling
  • Fun Fact: Olympic Gold Medalist | Nagano 1998 – Curling
  • Favourite Food or Drink: Indian food & beer and clam


Vice President & Senior Graphic Designer

  • Main Duties: watching the bottom line
  • Favourite Event: staff party
  • Activities: cooking & making lists
  • Fun Fact: loves fun facts
  • Favourite Food or Drink: Greek salad & diet soda


Vice President and General Sales Manager

  • Main Duties: sales
  • Favourite Event: Lions conventions
  • Activities: watching sports in his man-cave
  • Fun Fact: cat magnet
  • Favourite Food & Drink: hamburgers & Caesars
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The Pin People | Laurie Artiss Ltd.

Proud supplier for Canadian Olympic CommitteeLions Clubs InternationalCurling Canadathe Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees, the Canada Games Council and many more organizations.


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