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Typically a price is based on the longest measurement of the pin design. If your pin is 1.5" long by 3/4" wide, the price is based on the 1.5" measurement. The size of the pin or medal will often be determined by the information within the design (text, logos, dates, etc.). If there are words on the pin, the pin will need to be large enough to be legible.
The plating is the color of the metal for the finished product. We will make suggestions if we feel a different plating will make your product look nice. If you are ordering medals, we will confirm the plating for each level of award.
This is just an estimate so we can help you faster. Minimums typically start at 100. Less than 100 can be produced but the price does increase.


If the product is for a specific event, please let us know when you need to have them in your possession.


All orders placed with us include artwork charges.
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