Standard Pin Pricing

Just the basics

Stanard Pin Pricing

Our standard pin pricing is for a Die Struck Pin



Lapel Pin Enamels (Colours)

Pricing includes up to 4 enamels (colours).

In this lapel pin example, there are 4 enamels. Green, Blue, Yellow & Red. Our pricing is the same, whether it is one enamel or 4 enamels. If your lapel pin does not require any enamels, there are discounts available.

For a lapel pin with more than 4 enamels please contact us.

Lapel Pin Sizing

Lapel pin size is determined by the longest dimension

Either width or height. In this lapel pin example, the pin height is the greater dimension. The smallest pin we make is 3/8″ and the largest pin is typically not larger than 2″.

For a lapel pin larger than 2″ please contact us.



Lapel Pin Plating

Nickel Plating is included in the price

Pins are die struck from copper plates. To change the colour, the pins are plated with nickel, gold, antique gold, antique nickel, black nickel or even dual plating (gold and nickel). The plating covers all of the exposed metal.

The recessed areas of the pin receive enamels and the raised metal is plated. The raised metal acts as a fence to separate the colors.

If you require a different plating than nickel please contact us.

Standard Fastener

A Butterfly / Military Clutch is included

We have other fasteners to choose from. Including a Jewelry Clutch, Magnetic and Key Fobs.

For a different clutch quote please contact us.